Cool Brew is an open source PHP framework that
makes it easy to add dynamic content to all your websites.

Welcome to Cool Brew!

Cool Brew makes it easy to create PHP scripts and applications and use them in multiple websites. Our goal is to make it simple to create and maintain multiple dynamic websites by keeping all your scripts in one location so they're easy to maintain. If you are responsible for building and maintaining multiple websites with limited resources, and you're looking for a well-documented framework to help you maximize the benefit of your efforts, Cool Brew may be just what you need.

Cool Brew is built upon the Code Igniter Application Development Framework which gives you a powerful, yet simple and elegant toolkit with which to create scripts and applications for your website.


Cool Brew is mostly defunct

February 11, 2011

As most of you can tell by looking at this site, I have not been keeping up with the maintenance of Cool Brew. It has been working well in the context of how I use it, but it has become clear that I can achieve most of what I need to do more easily in another CMS and framework. Lately, that replacement has been Drupal.

If you are interested in the latest version of this software or would like to take on further development, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it. I think it could still have value in certain applications.


Jim Applegate

Cool Brew 1.2 Released

August 24, 2007

We are proud to announce the release of Cool Brew version 1.2.

This is mostly a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs and issues we noticed as we started using the system to build modules in earnest. We hope you enjoy this more stable version.

Cool Brew 1.1 Released

February 7, 2007

We're very pleased to announce the introductory release of Cool Brew!

Cool Brew 1.1 is based on the latest version of Code Igniter, version 1.5.1. If you are familiar with Code Igniter, you'll find that Cool Brew is really a re-thinking and expansion of how you access the power of Code Igniter from your web pages. With Cool Brew, you can display the output of many scripts on a single page, or you can emulate the behavior of Code Igniter.

In addition, you can use your scripts and applications on multiple websites while retaining complete control over how the results are presented on each site. Display site-specific content, change the layout of the page, the CSS style sheets, images, etc. and match it to each site's design.

We hope you take the time to look it over and give it a try.